12 Sided Trolley Tokens






12 Sided Trolley Token

Single Sided Prices

 Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 Colour Infill £1.03 £0.55 £0.45 £0.43 £0.38
2 Colour INFILL £1.06 £0.57 £0.46 £0.45 £0.40
3 Colour INFILL £1.09 £0.58 £0.47 £0.46 £0.41
4 Colour INFILL £1.12 £0.60 £0.49 £0.47 £0.42


Double Sided Prices

 Quantity 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 COLOUR INFILL £1.06 £0.57 £0.46 £0.45 £0.40
2 COLOUR INFILL £1.09 £0.58 £0.47 £0.46 £0.41
3 COLOUR INFILL £1.12 £0.60 £0.49 £0.47 £0.42
4 COLOUR INFILL £1.15 £0.62 £0.50 £0.49 £0.43

All prices are exclusive of Artwork, Origination, VAT & Carriage.


Product Detail

The New 12-Sided £1 Trolley Tokens



Over the last 12 years as a company we have made many  millions of £1 substitute coins, designed for use in Supermarket trolleys and lockers.

This really simple but ingenious promotional gift has been a hit with supermarkets, corporate companies, schools and universities, lesiure organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

We own the registered Trade mark for the product “Pound for life Trolley Token ® Key Ring" .


Beautifully crafted in nickel, stamped with your individual design, filled with pantone matched enamels, or you may choose full screen print if needed to capture the exact detail for the client’s requirements.

Simply detach your  reusable token from your key ring, insert your trolley token in your trolley/locker, and after use just pop back on your key ring ready for your next time. 

Supermarket approved. Used in millions of lockers, Ideal for when you don't have a pound coin when you need one.

Available in any world currency.


Many leisure organisations, and locker owners have been concerned over the unnecessary cost to replace lockers to accommodate the new 12 sided coins.

The good news they need not to be worried, as we will continue to make the existing round pound coin and will do so for many years to come.

Will the existing £1 round pound fit new Supermarket Trolleys?

Yes as the new 12 sided coins are slightly larger so it’s the supermakets that have swallow the cost for the change over of their trolley’s, so the existing round coins will fit even easier than before.



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